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Our mission (and yours, should you choose to accept it)

We are GoCo Group, a data-enabled FinTech business with one mighty mission: to save people time and money, sustainably. Our innovative and ever-evolving technology, powered by our leading SaveStack™ platform, takes the boredom, confusion and time-wasting out of sorting household bills. And we’re constantly growing - by investing in our staff, fostering creativity and nurturing new talent, we stay at the front of our industry and push in new directions.

We’ve come a long way since 2006

Our story started when we launched Go Compare in 2006. It quickly grew from a car insurance comparison service with just six employees; By 2010, it covered many different insurance types, compared over 100 insurance providers and had nearly 100 staff members (and a certain flamboyant tenor named Gio Compario). Between 2011-2018, we introduced our ‘For The Greater Good’ scheme, listed on the Stock Exchange, invested in start-ups, acquired MyVoucherCodes to become the GoCo Group, launched GoFurther Academy, introduced the Savings as a Service model and launched weflip. Phew! From 2019 to date, we’ve acquired Look After My Bills, won a cabinet-full of awards and grown all areas of the business.

Step behind the scenes…

We operate across five verticals through six brands to make saving money easy, fast and worry free.


In 2018, we became the first established company to recognise the opportunity of auto-switching in the domestic energy market. Our brands, Look After My Bills and weflip, are the nation’s saviors when it comes to autosaving. The free services save customers money by automatically switching their expiring energy tariffs to better products, meaning that they’ll never overpay on energy bills ever again. Nearly 500,000 customers have signed up so far (as of June 2020); just think of the millions we’ve saved them!


GoCompare, our first brand, has been disrupting the insurance market since 2006. At its launch, it was the first comparison site to display policy details, rather than just listing prices. To this day, its aim is to help people make informed buying decisions and find great deals on insurance, financial products and energy tariffs without the hassle. With approximately five million visits every month, we’re countering mass ‘botheration’ – addressing people’s inability or unwillingness to shop around and switch to better deals.

Platform Services

Another way we offer customers an innovative and convenient method of saving cash is through our platform services. For example, GoDemand is our intelligent B2B savings recommendation engine that takes the hassle out of finding decent deals on insurance and utilities products. By plugging into the tech platforms and applications that the customer already uses, it provides real time data based on their actual spending habits and behaviours. This gives a specific, tailored view of the customer’s financial lives so that it’s much easier for them to find products that will improve their financial wellbeing.


In 2018, we completed our acquisition of MyVoucherCodes. As one of the UK’s biggest discount voucher websites, it provides sales, discount and voucher code information to millions of consumers across the UK every month. The voucher code market has evolved rapidly over the last 24 months as traditional media publishers look to monetise their content by launching voucher code services. Recognising this as both a risk and opportunity, we’ve moved quickly to leverage our Group credentials, resulting in exclusive partnerships with major national newspapers to provide white-labelled discount sites.

Corporate Functions

GoCo encompasses all of the behind the scenes operations. We like to think of it as the glue that binds together all of our sub-brands. Since becoming a multi-brand PLC in 2016 through our acquisitions, we restructured our business to provide common support services across the entire group and to help us remain compliant, innovative and responsible employers. These include in-house People, Governance and Tech teams, to name but a few.

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