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Help us disrupt and innovate on our FinTech mission!

As an online-focused business, technology underpins our whole group operation. We rely on the brains, bravery and brilliance of our tech talent pool to help us achieve our mission. We’re often looking for devs with an eye for detail and innovative engineers to help push our businesses forward. Fancy jumping aboard our tech-fuelled rocket towards saving people time and money?

Flexible technology is music to our ears

All of the brands under the GoCo Group are powered by our flexible technology platform, SaveStack™. It’s our (not so) little baby, built with data at the front and centre to improve the experiences of both consumers and our partners. Through SaveStack™ and a variety of other platforms, we analyse data and use machine learning to help us build new solutions to real world financial problems. We build for mobile first and use cloud technology to stay at speed. We show flexibility and scalability through our microservices, minimise technical debt by modernising technology and drive data-as-a-service through real-time event-driven processing. All of this is for our users.

We think fast to move faster

Innovation, disruption and data are three things at the very core of what we do. Through agile thinking and ‘test and learn’ approaches, we collaborate across multi-disciplinary teams so that we can give our customers the best experience. We disrupt to stay ahead of the competition. Machine learning and data processing help us to learn more about our customers. By understanding their needs, we can find out what would genuinely benefit them. From using this tech, we’ve launched new-to-market products, diversified our existing products and created better synergies across our brands.

Sharing our knowledge

True innovation is only achievable if you give back to the community via shared experiences – something we take pride in doing. Take a peek for yourself!

See our teams sprint through the virtual finish line

As the world has had to adapt to a virtual way of working, so have our tech, product and business teams. At GoCo Group, we have effective tools to ensure we can still deliver innovative products and outcomes for our customers even when we’re working from home. Check out our virtual teams in action here:

Learn about DataOps, the key to exponential data impact

90% of data projects fail. But, instead of accepting defeat, we keep trying. Our Director of Data, Luis Vaquero, shares his knowledge on how we use data testing, versioning and a ‘fail fast, cheaply and smart’ approach to getting groundbreaking solutions to customer problems.

Find the right Product career path for you

Even if a company makes a great product, it doesn’t mean that their Product team is the best to work for. Our VP of eCommerce, Sally Foote, uses her experiences to offer advice on how to find the right Product role for you.

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